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4 Modern Caterers You Should Hire For Your Party

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Whether there's a wedding, birthday party, baby shower or corporate event, the food will most likely be an important aspect. You don't want to disappoint your guests and you will want your money's worth.  With that being said, do you have a caterer in mind? Because, if you haven't chosen a caterer or having second thoughts about the one you've chosen, trawl through our list of recommended caterers on Feed My Guest to hire for your day!

Thyme Out

Fancy a taco party? If you want to grab tacos while lounging by the swimming pool or you've been craving for plenty of guacamole and sour cream to go with your tacos, don't fret, Thyme Out can come to you! Be it a corporate event that needs catering, a birthday party that requires a taco fix, or even just for the sake of tacos, make them the choice to taco about it!

Bubu Food Truck

What kicked off as a food truck that can be commonly found parked at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, this company also does its fair share of catering! Choose from a diverse spread of pasta to tortilla wraps, beef ribs, roast chicken, beef stroganoff, aglio olio, teppanyaki, braised beef on baguettes or panini bread, creamy mushroom on panini bread or lamb chops!

Balls of Fire

Claiming to use the freshest natural ingredients, cooked with love and passion to the highest standard, this establishment prizes on their hand-made fries using fresh potatoes, freshly-ground Australian quality cuts of beef and lamb and sauces made from scratch using the freshest herbs and spices.

Deli Delights

Nobody likes having a dish or meal they don't particularly fancy. But, with Deli Delights you can plan a menu designed for your special day. Choose from their menu or request a favourite dish and they would be more than happy to accommodate to your needs. With a tagline that says, "Delicious Food That Won't Hurt Your Wallet", we sure hope you'll be satisfied. Packages start at RM17 per person for in-house parties.

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  1. Thanks for this list of these caterers. Well, we recently hosted a carnival themed party at the domestic San Francisco venues for my son’s birthday and had hired the best caterer for this bash. The service was just fabulous.