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Top 8 CNY Caterers in 2020

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Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Every year, millions of Malaysians join their families for reunions to enjoy traditional food such as Yee Sang and Pun Choy.

To help you host the best reunion dinner possible, we've put together a list of some of the best caterers around. No matter your budget or number of guests, you're sure to find the perfect caterer here on www.feedmyguest.com!

1) The Perfect Match Catering Services

When it comes to food quality and presentation, The Perfect Match is top notch! Their Chinese New Year Menu 2020 is perfect for anyone planning a big banquet, with a buffet offering no less than eight amazing dishes including Prosperity Fried Rice, Teriyaki Chicken, and Sweet & Sour Lychee Fish. For those who desire something more exclusive, The Perfect Match also offers Chinese Banquet Dinner menus that include all sorts of mouth-watering dishes including Fragrant Tempura Prawn, Hong Kong Style Steamed Tiger Grouper, and Japanese Marinated Baby Octopus.


2) Tasty Touch

Tasty Touch Catering Services is an exclusive catering service provider with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in affordable finger foods and fusion dishes, they are well known for providing efficient and reliable catering, with plenty of menus that are designed to be delicious yet affordable. Tasty Touch has 8 CNY menus available for you to choose from, with prices starting from RM22 per pax and dozens of dishes including Wok-Fried Rice with Crabstick & Crispy Garlic, Eggplants in Szechwan Spicy Sauce, and Salt and Pepper Prawn with Almond Flakes.


3) Cheritera Cafe

For those planning to host an unforgettable CNY buffet, look no further than Cheritera Cafe. They offer authentic and modern contemporary cuisine, with catering services that will provide a delightful taste to any event. Cheritera Cafe offers two special CNY menus, each filled with wonderful traditional dishes such as Healthy Prosperity Yee Sang, Cantonese Spring Roll, and 5 Treasure Mix Vegetables.


4) Chefonthego

Starting from a humble family business, Chefonthego was originally established in the year 2016. Their head chef, Chef Rizal, is a Western Food specialist with over 15 years of experience working in many hotels and restaurants. He offers no less than six different CNY Buffet Packages with prices ranging from RM15 to RM50 per pax, allowing you to enjoy the perfect dinner no matter your budget.


5) Lynn's Catering

With many important events such as diplomatic missions, university parties, and corporate functions under their belt, Lynn's Catering is well suited for handling even the biggest CNY events. Their catering team offers a wide variety of local and Western cuisines, including their very special Chinese New Year Menus auspiciously named Prosperity & Long Life and Harmony & Happiness. Providing the freshest ingredients, the most authentic tastes, and the most professional services, Lynn's Catering is a one stop center for all your food catering needs.


6) Foodland

The perfect choice for picky eaters, Foodland provides over 200 different dishes to choose from, ensuring that you can find something that everyone in your family can enjoy. Foodland prides themselves on their personalized and friendly services, with a team of well-trained staff who are ready to take on all your catering needs. With their extensive experience in the catering industry, you can lie back and relax knowing that Foodland will do their best to ensure that you can enjoy a stress-free event.


7) Go Cater 

When it comes to parties, Go Cater provides massive buffet spreads that are not only pretty but also absolutely scrumptious. They offer delicious top quality halal food as well as professional decorations to spruce up any event. Dedicated to providing professional services, Go Cater's Chinese New Year Menu is priced at RM35 per pax, with many delightful dishes such as Sharfins and Crabmeat Omelette, 5 Spice Braised Chicken, and Creamy Butter Prawn.


8) Best Chef Catering Services

Best Chef Catering Services was founded in 2003 based on the concept of "Best Food Everytime, Anytime". Today, they are renowned for providing great dining experiences, offering good quality food and services at reasonable prices to customers throughout Asia. Based in the Klang Valley, Best Chef Catering Services use the art of the "Innovation Menu", offering quality ingredients and innovative presentations while remaining creative enough to customize traditional catering concepts and food techniques to suit any type of event. This Chinese New Year, they're offering no less than five exclusive and customizable CNY menus suitable for any budget, with prices ranging from RM25.80 to RM60.80 per pax and dozens of separate dishes to choose from.


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