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Meet the Wedding Caterers

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Preparing for your big day?

When it comes to weddings, we all know how important it is to get everything right. Sending out invitations, getting the perfect dress, finding the best venue… it may be difficult, but nobody wants their special day to be ruined because of bad luck or last minute planning.

Which is why we’re here to help. At feedmyguest.com, we provide access to over 200 catering companies across KL and the Klang Valley area. Whether it’s a cozy traditional dinner with only family members or a massive buffet including hundreds of guests, we’ve got your back.

Browse through our extensive profiles or have a look at our recommended list and you’re certain to find someone that fits your needs.

Below are just a few of the experienced caterers ready and waiting to help ensure that your big day is as perfect as it can be.

Hot Catering and Event

Specializing in Malay cuisine, Hot Catering and Event delivers only the best food served by their crew of well-trained chefs and service people. This 5 Star company is more than capable of handling big parties, with packages designed for between 300 to 1000 people at a time.

TukTuk Catering

Those who want a more international experience should look no further. Named after the ubiquitous Thai transport, Tuk Tuk serves a variety of food from all across the world. When it comes to weddings, don’t be afraid to try their exclusive Platinum Package - offering a wide variety of hot, cold and sweet finger foods to satisfy even the pickiest eaters!

Pink Shallots

Providing planning, consultative and catering services for both corporate and social events, Pink Shallots strives to ensure that your wedding is as unique and memorable as possible. Focusing mainly on Malay cuisine, they offer no less than six unique wedding packages to choose from, allowing you to find the best food available without breaking the budget.

Rampai Caterer

On a tight budget? No problem! Rampai Caterers offers a variety of delicious packages for affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for a fully set up lunch buffet or a simple tea service, Rampai Caterers provides good quality local food from as low as RM5 per person.

Chenni’s Banana Leaf

Serving fiery and passionate meals, Chenni’s Banana Leaf provides an authentic Indian flavor that you won’t forget anytime soon. Cooked with only the freshest vegetables grown by their own farmers, Chenni’s mouthwatering meals is sure to leave curry lovers clamoring for more.

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