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15 KL Buffet Caterers for your Big Day

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As the big day inches closer, you're already stressing if the dress would still fit or contemplating on hiring someone to make sure your best friend does not get drunk and mess up the Maid of Honour speech. Furthermore, you've already got your hands full and the last thing you want to worry is if the food will be below standards or worse, they arrive late! However, if you haven't chosen a caterer or having second thoughts about the one you've chosen, trawl through our list of popular caterers on Feed My Guest that you should hire for your day!

OTK Food & Catering Services

Small towns often produce the best eats and this is regardless of which country you're from around the world. As such, OTK Food & Catering Services trails back to the humble and lesser touristy location known as Pulau Ketam, Selangor. Kicking off during the 70s as a seafood restaurant located on the main street of the island, founder and owner Ong Thor Kai has definitely come a long way. Today, the restaurant-turned-caterer specialises in buffet, high tea, barbecue, power lunches and home delivery services at the most affordable prices.

The Perfect Match Catering

With prices pegged as low as RM18 per person, this might just be the perfect match for your day! There's also a wide selection of cuisines to entice your international taste buds or something that hits closer to home via some good ol' Malay, Chinese or Indian dishes.

Crudites Events

If canapes, tapas and desserts are your drugs, Crudites Events should be your caterer. With a minimum order of five boxes, purchases boxes of your favourite canapes and tapas for RM125 per box. If that doesn't float your boat, look through the events page for other services which includes barbecue and buffet deals.

Caterer Dot Com Sdn Bhd

Asian, cocktail and even Christmas buffets. Pick one or two. Drop them a message and you'll have plenty of happy people at your wedding! Did you know that these caterers also has hawker stall sets? Fancy some Penang Rojak or Tofu Bakar at your wedding dinner?

Splendid Caterers

What's better than tasty food at your event? A caterer that provides more than just food, of course! Splendid Caterers not only serve up mean dishes of food but they also provide karaoke, canopies, flower arrangements, stage set-up, lighting equipments and furnitures! Now, isn't that neat?

Rampai Caterer

Budgeting for a wedding might cause temporary hair loss. But, with Rampai Caterer, you might just save some of those hairs as price per person goes as low as RM5 till RM17! There's a price you don't see often for large orders of food. And they don't just do weddings, they also provide catering services for engagements, meetings, festival open houses or your baby's christening party.

Jumbo Restaurant & Catering Services

With over three decades of shared experience in the food and catering industry, Jumbo is a reputable trendsetter. That being said, you don't need to worry about the food prepared by Jumbo because we can assure you that it will have your mouth watering. The must-try at this establishment, their mutton dishes!

Hot Catering & Event

The freshest ingredients, the most authentic tastes and the most professional service, Hot Catering & Event is a one stop centre if you're looking for catering packages ranging from exclusive dishes to economy or customised wedding menus.

Tasty Touch Catering

An exclusive and prominent caterer within the Klang Valley, Tasty Touch Catering offers finger food, fusion food and the likes. Food is prepared according to the event and customer preference. Apart from a la carte dishes, Tasty Touch also offer promotional packages for wedding, corporate events and birthdays.

Mix Mix Catering

This catering company traces its origin from a small hawker stall in 1994 in Kuala Lumpur by its founder Fanny Ting. Malaysians know good food because the company quickly metamorphosed into a catering company serving over 500,000 customers within 15 years in the Klang Valley since it was established. Pre-wedding dinners, house warming parties and corporate events are just a handful of events they cater to.

The Lunch Box

Control the number of lunch boxes to be ordered and control your budget with The Lunch Box. Also, fret not as all packed meals are packed hot within precise timing and all meals will be hot when distributed to guests.

Melati Catering & Services

In the food industry for over 10 years, this caterer specialises in Malay food and often prefers to take minimum orders of 1,000 people. But, just because the numbers are big, that does not mean they compromise on quality!

Restoran Mahbub

Now, if you love your Indian food, this is the place to get them. Plus points? Mahbub's buffet packages offer their waiters, delivery and cutleries all free of charge! Also, did we mention that you can cater their infamous Nasi Briyani Ayam Madu in takeaway lunch boxes?

Lynn's Cafe & Catering

Lynn's Cafe & Catering started as a cosy eatery in 2008 in the heart of SS15, Subang Jaya. They may have kicked off from humble origins, but the team at Lynn's is passionate and specialises in a wide variety of local and Western cuisine. From early morning breakfasts to midnight suppers, let Lynn's consultants help make you and your guests the main star of the day !

My Kitchen Buffet Services

"So what serving style best accommodates your group? The primary reason for selecting one or the other is the number of guests but also the type of servings and the menu will impact the decision. If the type of serving is a simple cocktail or tea party where the menu is very limited, a simple buffet is best, even for a small group. A formal dinner party table service can be great for entertaining a few friends." Need more advice from where that came from? Hire My Kitchen Buffet Services and ask away.

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