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Chinese New Year Is All About Mouth-Watering Food!

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Like other tradition festivals, Chinese New Year or known as the Lunar New Year is celebrated with food. Food as in Chinese society is taken very seriously because each food carries such a unique symbolism and thus welcoming new year with prosperity and luck.

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, many people will be looking to boost their luck by preparing auspicious food as part of the traditional lavish festival feast. Here are four lucky food to eat during Chinese New Year for a prosper and lucky year ahead.

Yee Sang

It is a ritual to toss the mixed ingredients high in the air with a shout of ‘Loh Hey’ which literally means to move upwards. Yee Sang is a symbolic of the wish for our fortunes to rise and expand during the forthcoming year. Usually, this dish consists of strips of raw fish, commonly salmon, mixed with shredded vegetables, pomelo or lime, pepper, oil and a variety of sauces and condiments.

Year Cake

Year cake is a glutinious rice-based cake that can be found year around. But it is traditionally consumed during Chinese New Year for good luck. It’s also a popular gift during this period especially when shaped in a pair of carps to symbolise surpluss, or ingots to represent wealth.


Fish is the inevitable star of any Chinese New Year meal due to its name in Mandarin that means “abundance” or “surplus.” A whole fish with the head and tail is symbolises the year’s beginning to end.  According to the old tradition, you should deliberately leave some of the fish uneaten to truly represent the “surpluses” of the coming year.


Dumpling resemble money, hence eating dumpling is believed to usher in wealth. Legen has it that the more dumplings you eat during the New Year celebrations, the more money you can make in the New Year. It generally consists of minched meat and finely-chopped vegetables wrapped in a thin and elastic dough skin.

List of caterers you can hire for this upcoming Chinese New Year

Enjoy extravangant food with dearest family and friends by ordering food at these caterers. Depending on your budget, number of guests and preferred menu, we have highlighted several caterers for you to pick!

1. Foodland

Foodland caterer offers three packages for Chinese New Year with the starting price of RM29 per pax. You may enjoy Braised Yee Mee with Vegetables and Chinese Mushroom, Special Garlic Fried Rice, Devil’s Curry Chicken with Potatoes, Braised Fish with Ginger, assorted kueh and many more with reasonable price. You can add Roast Lamb serve with Mint Sauce and Salad, Yee Sang Smoked Salmon Fish, depending on your budget.  Makes your Chinese New Year Celebration runs smoothly with Foodland caterer. You may request canopy set with extra charges. To place an order click here.

2. Go Cater

Complete buffet set with Go Cater. Go Cater offers Super Prosperous Platter, which includes sharkfins and crabmeat omellete, stir fry celery with shrimp, marinated baby octopus and chicken lobak. An exquisite menu with a reasonable price. For noodles, you may choose either braised yee mee with Chinese mushroom or stir-fry longevitiy noodle with abalone sauce.  Go Cater also offers a list of other menu for you to choose from rice, fish, chicken, prawn, dessert, satay, whole lamb and salmon or jelly fish yee sang set.  The price are RM35, RM42 and RM50 per pax respectively. Place an order here.

3. MIX MIX Catering Sdn Bhd

Mix Mix Catering Services, founded by Madam Fanny Ting is specialised in catering services serving over 500,000 customers in 15 years since it established. For this upcoming Chinese New Year, Mix Mix Catering offers Prosperity menu that features Prosperity Prawns, Black Pepper Mussle, Thai Style Chicken Chop, Signature Rendang Lamb, Mushroom Braised Fish Maw, Grilled Salmon Fish with Lime, Mushroom Mix Vegetable with Abalone Slice and many more for the price of RM50 per pax. You can always add Yee Sang set with additional RM50 per set. Place your order here.

4.  My Kitchen Buffet

As low as RM25 per pax you may enjoy Garden Salad With Thousand Island Sauce, Indonesian Fried Chicken, Stir-Fry Curry Leaf White Shell Prawn, Fish Finger With Tartar Sauce, Deep Fried Four Season Rolls, Stir-Fry Squids, Sweet and Sour Seafood Beancurd, Chicken Curry With Potatoes, Golden Fried Crab Claw With Breadcrumb, Hong Kong Style Fried Mee, Variety Kuih-Kuih Nyonya and others. For additional menu, you may request Chicken Satay, Beef and Mutton Satay, BBG Whole Lamb, Penang Assam Laksa , Penang Fried Kuey Teow and Grilled Sting Ray Fish. Enjoy this food by placing order here.

5. Lynn's Catering

Lynn’s Catering started as a cosy eatery in 2008 and from its humble origins, Lynn’s Catering has grown into a full-fledged catering business. They have covered all kinds of catering such as diplomatic missions, colleges, universities as well as corporate and private functions. With a budget RM30 per pax, you can get Fried Money Bags and Dumplings, Yam, Mushroom and Dry Prawn Fried Rice, Noodle in Special Spicy Soy Sauce with Mince Chichken, Butter Milk Fish, Lo Hon Chai, Orange Sauce Chicken, Tomato Chilli Prawns, Red Bean Pancake and complete with Soybean and Cincau drinks. They also have other Chinese New Year menu that you can choose with different price. Hurry up and place your oder now.

6. Tasty Touch Catering

Tasty Touch Catering Services is an exclusive catering service provider in Klang Valley, and has been in this industry for the past 6 years. Offering the most affordable finger food and fusion dishes, this catering is a perfect combo for your Chinese New Year celebration. Tasty Touc Catering offers three menu set with an affordable price. For the RM28 per pax set, you may get Lemon Sauce Dory Fillet with Lemongrass and Pomelo, Braised Ee-Fu Noddles with Chives and Mushroom, Fried Bee Hoon with Seafood, Chicken Chop with Mandarin in Rock Sugar Honey Sauce, Wok-Fried Rice with Crabstick and Crispy Garlic, Golden Salt and Pepper Prawn with Almon Flakes and Iced Cold Mandarin Orange Cordial. Click here to place an order.

7. The Perfect Match Catering Services

Organizing a Chinese New Year feast is not easy. Let The Perfect Match Catering Services do it for you. The Perfect Match Catering Services offers four set for you to choose with the price RM38, RM48, RM68 and RM128 per pax respectively. For RM128 per pax, it is complete with appertizer, eight main dishes, desserts and beverages. You can add Chilled Half-Shell Oyster, Half Shell Green Mussel, Poached Prawn, Fresh Salmon at different price. A perfect dinner with your family and friends! Click here to place an order.

8. OTK Food and Catering Services

Having trouble with halal food or vegetarian food for your guests? OTK Food and Catering Services has a list of menu for you to choose from traditional package, muslim package, east wet package, their signature package, Satu Malaysia package and event kids package all with affordable prices. OTK Food and Catering Services also offers photobooth to light up your Chinese New Year feast! Order now by clicking this link.

9. Splendid Caterers

Known as The Master of all functions, Splendid Caterers offers various kinds of menu package for you to choose. Apart from catering service, they also provide special services such as karaoke, canopies, furnitures, florist, stage, lighting, fans, disco machine and P. A. system. Famous with their buffet, stall, BBQ, roast lamb and satay, they also well-known for Chinese, Nyonya and western food. Don’t miss this promotion and order now.

10. Cassian Kitchen Catering Service

Cassian Kitchen is dedicated to provide the best catering service to you by offering a large menu of authentic Asian, Western & Fusion dishes and local delights, to satisfy all events, and top-up with warm and friendly service personnel. Cassian Kitchen provides quality halal food and drinks at moderate cost, yet prices are extremely reasonable. There are various packages to choose from which definitely will suit everybody. Occasionally Cassian Kitchen provides special premium gifts to make the event more special. Order their Chinese New Year set now before it’s too late!

Celebrate Chinese New Year With FeedMyGuest

Make sure your Chinese New Year celebration run smoothly by placing an order now before it is too late. Remember, a great party means delicious food with a tip-top service. Easy, quick and hassle free online catering services especially for you.

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