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Top Halal Caterers in Malaysia

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The majority of Malaysians adhere to the strict Halal rules which clearly state what is and is not acceptable for Muslims to eat. Whether you’re organizing a small private party or a massive corporate event, it’s important to consider the needs of your guests. Thus, we at FeedMyGuest.com have gathered together a list of the best Halal caterers in Malaysia to help fulfill all your catering needs.

Jumbo Restaurant and Catering

With almost 30 years of shared experience and a serving capacity of up to 12,000 people, Jumbo Restaurant & Caterings knows how to deliver the big bites. Specializing in Indian cuisine, this trendsetting company is dedicated to providing some of the best selection, quality, and service in the industry.

If you want to ensure a delicious dining experience, look no further than http://www.feedmyguest.com/jumborestaurant

Eden Catering

Backed by a team of skillful chefs & professionals, Eden Catering offers the best in Malaysian and Western. They are committed to providing customers with top quality food & services, with a focus on maintaining the highest standards in food preparation, hygiene and cleanliness. With a variety of different function themes & set ups, they can provide perfect service for any occasion - whether it’s a small lunch party or a massive Wedding function, they’ve got you covered. 

Contact them at http://www.feedmyguest.com/edencatering to receive a free quote today!

Pink Shallots

Aiming to bring out the best moments in taste, Pink Shallots is a full-service event planning organization that strives to turn otherwise ordinary events into affairs that are filled with elegance and creativity. They have a vast array of unique dishes which can be customised in order to suit each event. 

Whether the event is corporate or social, Pink Shallots incorporates themes, design layouts, event formats and décor with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific event as elegant, unique and memorably exquisite as possible.

Contact them now at http://www.feedmyguest.com/pinkshallots.

Hot Catering and Event

Known as the “one stop center” for hosting Wedding, Hot Catering offers an assortment of package deals ranging from economy to exclusive. With their well trained crew of chefs and service people, they are more than prepared to turn any ordinary event into a great success. 

Hot Catering provides a variety of packages from the economical to the exclusive. They are capable of handling everything from small, intimate family dinners all the way up to massive Wedding receptions for over a thousand people.

Contact them today at http://www.feedmyguest.com/hotcatering

The House of Taste

Serving food on land and air, the House of Taste is a food manufacturer serving everything from hotel conventions to airlines. A specialist in pastries and baking, they are dedicated to providing food that is 100% safe and high quality, and are fully certified as Halal, HACCP and ISO 9001 qualifications.

Send them a message at http://www.feedmyguest.com/thehouseoftaste and receive a free quote today!


Looking for something a little more exotic? 

Hadramawt Restaurant and Catering can provide a fully catered Arabic feast adjusted according to your needs. With years of experience in catering events, they can hold anything from informal family gatherings to large corporate events. 

You can even rent out their restaurant if you need a place for your party. The airy and beautifully designed building can hold up to 200 people at a time. No matter what your event, Hadramawt is there to provide you with the perfect food and perfect ambiance to ensure that your event is a success. 

Contact them today at: http://www.feedmyguest.com/hadramawt

Shilaz Restaurant and Catering

Offering catering services to private individuals, corporations, and government agencies alike, Shilaz Restaurant and Catering seeks to serve traditional Malay food that is tasty, balanced and good value. They aim to provide clients with peace of mind through competitive prices and professional service, along with package deals from as low as RM9 per person. 

Contact them today at http://www.feedmyguest.com/shilazrestaurantandcatering

Mammam Deliveries

Looking for something local? Mammam Deliveries is a 100% Malaysian company that specializes in delivering freshly prepared local cuisine straight to your doorstep. Whether you want Chinese, Indian or Malay meals, they’ve got it all! 

Mammam Deliveries combines culinary talent with high-quality ingredients and local Malaysian cuisines delivered straight to your door with the tap of a button. They currently operate with 2 kitchens, one in PJCC and the second one in Centro Mall, Klang. Mammam Deliveries plans to open 3 more outlets in 2017.

Check them out today at http://www.feedmyguest.com/mammam.

Tuktuk Catering

Have a craving for Thai? Look no further! 

Initially started as a small delivery service back in 2004, Tuktuk Catering has since grown by leaps and bounds due to their tasty and authentic food. 

Named after the popular Thai transport, Tuktuk Catering offers a full service menu that includes a variety of sumptuous dishes from the East and West. Whether it’s a small baby bash or a massive wedding party, Tuktuk Catering adds a dash of delicious elegance to any event. 

Have a look here: http://www.feedmyguest.com/tuktukcatering

Masala Wheels

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.”

This is the guiding philosophy behind Masala Wheels. Malaysia’s first social enterprise food truck, Masala Wheels aims to provide healthy and tasty food to their customers for prices as low as RM5 per person. 

Set up by a group of passionate young professionals, Masala Wheels’ bright orange food truck can often be seen near KLCC, though they also have a cafe in Petaling Jaya. The company uses its profits to prepare and distribute free food for the homeless as well as giving them an opportunity to become entrepreneurs themselves. 

For a meal that’s good for the heart as well as the wallet, contact Masala Wheels today at http://www.feedmyguest.com/masalawheels.

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