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Toddler's Birthday Party

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Feeding your party guests can be a gratifying affair but not every parent is up for a whole afternoon of slaving away in the kitchen! Fortunately, there are countless catering services
around which offer all sorts of delicious party food. To enrich the experience of looking for the best choices in party foods, we recommend browsing through www.feedmyguest.com for your child's upcoming birthday party.

For a wide range of party food caterers, go to 

FeedMyGuest (www.feedmyguest.com) is the largest online catering marketplace in the country. If you’re planning to hold your child’s birthday party at home, you can rest assured that you will be spoilt for choice in terms of party food caterers.
All you have to do is have a basic idea of what kind of fare you wish to serve. Having said that, it’s all too easy to change your mind and go to other (just as delicious) directions in food as you surf the site and check out dozens of caterers to pick from!
There are more than 200 caterers to choose from and they range from all kinds of foods to all kinds of budgets!
If you wish to, you can browse through each caterer or restaurant and see what each has to offer before deciding one that fits your needs and wants. The second way is to fill up an online form and let FeedMyGuest match you up with the most suitable caterers.
You’ll receive a free quote from the caterers for your consideration. Once customers have made up their minds, they can liaise directly with the caterer via FeedMyGuest’s email system or send an email, which will then redirect the booking.

Essentially, it’s as easy as:
1. Find the perfect caterer
2. Get FREE quote
3. Book the caterer

As an exclusive catering service provider in Klang Valley for the past six years, Tasty Touch Catering offers the most affordable finger food and fusion dishes for birthday parties and also other events and celebrations. Their highly reputable service is fl exible and they are able to cater to customers' varying choices. Find Tasty Touch Catering at www.feedmyguest.com

The Perfect Match Catering Services lends a truly Malaysian taste to any party with its Malay, Chinese and Indian food menus alongside a choice of Western food as well. It caters for buffet and serving styles birthday parties, baby showers and even baby full moon parties among others, from as low as RM18 per head. Look up The Perfect Match Catering Services at www.feedmyguest.com

Known as the Purveyors of Pleasure, Crudites Events specialises in Canapes, Tapas and Desserts, everything you need to brighten up a birthday party! Its unconventional offerings never fail to delight! Look up Crudites events at www.feedmyguest.com

Republished with permission from BabyTalk Malaysia (was originally published in BabyTalk Malaysia, November 2016 issue)

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