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Bite Size Nuggets of Wisdom #1 : How Much Food To Order ?

By 11:35 PM

Ever have a tough time deciding how much food to order?

Here are a few tips on getting the most accurate turn ups!

1. Create a Facebook event!

The number one go to Party Planning aid!!! Facebook helps to confirm the number of guests turning up. Quick fast and simple to set up, Facebook events are the quickest way to get your guests responses!

2. Want more accuracy? Start a Google form!

Google forms allow more data to be collected. Who's coming with? Significant Other? Kakak or Abang? The kids!!! The more details you get, the better the estimate!

3. What's Up WhatsAp?

WhatsAp or WeChat your friends a few weeks before the event to confirm their spot. Follow up with a Location Map the night before with a note on the event timing to make sure they get to the party on time!

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